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Fellow Tropicans!
El Presidente is thrilled to have received a nomination for his Tropico 6 as 'Best Strategy Game' at 'The Game Awards 2019'.
El Prez’ patented ‘guaranteed winning’ strategy is a bit invalid outside of Tropico, so we need your help to wrangle the vote for our lovable leader:

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Crookz loads to black screen on laptop.

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    Crookz loads to black screen on laptop.

    I'm on a stock Lenovo Legion, it can run all six of the Tropico games, but Crookz, after you click that "Kalypso wants to add steps to your game-enjoying process" interrupt, it just goes to a black screen and music. Alt-tabbing gets you out, but tabbing back in does the same until you tab out and exit manually.

    Ths is both too new a computer and too recent a game to have an issue like this.

    Hi DoctorX,
    could you share some more details on that and specifically, what you have done already in order to get this sorted by yourself?
    Have you updated all your drivers?
    Additonally, try this workaround:
    - Run DXSETUP.exe that's inside the following folder:
    <Steam-Library>\SteamApps\common\Crookz\_CommonRedist\Dir ectX\Jun2010
    And check, if the problem still occurs.