Railway Empire - France DLC to hit the rail 24th May

Your travel dates for Railway Empire’s next destination ‘France’ have been confirmed:
The train will depart from platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 24th, with a free update launching on the same day.
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[EN] Known issues and workarounds

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    [EN] Known issues and workarounds

    You can find a list of the most common problems (and how to fix them) below:

    If you have technical problems with any of our games, and the problem cannot be solved by any of the solutions below, please write an e-mail to Kalypso Media Support at

    What does the Support Team need to address my problem, and what can I provide to speed up the process?

    Before reporting, please ensure that your system is able to run the game (at least meeting the minimum requirements of the game), all drivers are up-to-date and that the game is updated to the latest version!

    Please include the complete title of the game that you are having problems with.
    Also include a (small) description of your problem. Probably with steps on how to reproduce the issue.
    Please provide your full system information.
    When using a Windows PC, attach a DxDiag.txt to the email if at all possible. To create the DxDiag.txt, please do the following:
    • Click "Start" button and choose "Run". Or alternatively, press (Windows-Button)+R
    • Then type "dxdiag" (without quotation marks) and click OK
    • You will find all relevant information in the following window
    • Click the "Save all Information" button, located at the bottom of the program window
    • Save the file as "dxdiag.txt"
    • Attach the file "dxdiag.txt" to your email

    When using MacOS, please generate a System Profiler report. To create this, do the following:
    • Click the Apple icon in the top left of the Apple menu
    • Select “About This Mac”
    • Click “More Info”
    • On the System Profiler menu, click “File, Export”
    • Select “Rich Text” or “Plain Text” to choose the format of the file you are creating
    • Select a location to save the System Profile
    • Click “Save”
    • NOTE: This might take some time as the System Profiler queries the system for information
    If you can easily reproduce your problem with (eg. With a savegame), please feel free to include the savegame file

    Kalypso Launcher problems
    If the problem is related to the Kalypso Launcher, please try to download and install the following links:
    If the proposed solutions above do not work, please try to fix this error on the Microsoft-supplied NetFramework repair tool, which can be found here:

    Login Issues
    Make sure to install the links, as described above, for any Kalypso Launcher problems, and ensure that you are able to log in at the launcher.
    Then add the game’s .exe and the Appdata.exe to the exceptions list for your firewall and to the exceptions list of your antivirus program.

    If you are still not able to log in, try the following:
    • Follow this path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the "hosts" file with the editor
    • Delete every line that mentions Kalypso Media or one of our games
    • Now save the file and try again

    Windows 10
    We recommend running the game as an admin user. To do so, right-click on the game .exe and/or shortcut and select “run as administrator”. If this is still not working, we recommend to start the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
    To set the compatibility mode to Windows 7, to the following:
    • Right-click game .exe and select properties
    • Click the Compatibility tab and then tick the box labelled "Run this program in compatibility mode
    • Now you can select a Compatibility Mode and select “Windows 7”
    • Tick the box below "Run this program as administrator"
    • Click on "OK" to apply the changes and start the game with double click on the game’s .exe.

    Integrated Intel HD Graphics and a dedicated graphic card
    When using a laptop with an integrated graphic chip, it might be the case that by default this chip will be used, instead of the dedicated graphic cards, which may impact the performance of a game. You can easily change this by doing the following:

    Update the graphic card driver from the link below.
    Then change the settings as described below:
    1. Open your Nvidia Control Panel (right-click on desktop, select Nvidia Control Panel)
    2. Select "Manage 3D settings"
    3. Select "Global Settings". You will find the option "Preferred graphics processor". Please select "High-performance NVIDIA processor" and save the settings.
    4. You will have to reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

    Update the graphic card driver from the link below.
    1. Click on ‘Start’
    2. Click on ‘Programs’
    3. Click on ‘Catalyst Control Center’
    4. Click on ‘Power’
    5. Select ‘Switchable Graphics’
    6. Select 'High Performance'

    Problems with one or more Steam games
    • Select 'My Games' from the Steam main window
    • Right-click on your game
    • Select 'Properties'
    • Select 'Check Integrity of Game Cache' from the 'Local Files' tab
    • If the integrity check did not fix the problem, delete the game's folder in your Steamapps folder

    Problems with the product key
    Please note that product keys can only be used once for activation.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to detach the key if you send your request from any email address other than the original registered email address. In accordance with our privacy policy on personal user data, we are unable to provide the original registered email address for any product key.
    In this instance, we ask that you try sending the request from all possible email addresses that you could have used when registering the game.
    Alternatively, you may also list your email addresses and if the original address is among them, we will confirm the address that is linked to your key.

    Problems with pre-owned games
    When you have purchased a pre-owned version, or a version that someone else has activated, the same rule applies - every key can only be used only once for activation.
    You can contact the previous owner of the key and ask them to detach the key from his/her account. They can do so by simply sending the key to from the original e-mail address they used for activation.
    Once this is done, they will be notified about detaching the product-key and should then contact and inform you, at which point you can now use the key to create a new account and/or activate your game.

    Tropico 5
    • If you have purchased Tropico 5 (boxed retail) and it fails to start, please have a look in our official boards, with a detailed description of how to solve this problem:
    • When using an AMD card, make sure to disable “AMD Gaming Evolved”, before starting the game, as this might be the reason for the game not starting properly
    • If you are having troubles saving the game, or even having corrupted dynasties on your Playstation4, disable cloud saving for Tropico 5, then delete the old (and broken) savegames and dynasties
    • If you could not solve the problem on your own with the workarounds/solutions already provided, please attach the Tropico 5 logs to your support inquiry. They can be found here: C:\Users\”User”\AppData\Roaming\Tropico 5\logs

    Dungeons 2
    • If you are using Linux and the game does not run properly, or does not start at all, please do the following:
      - In your Steam Library, right-click on Dungeons 2, press “properties” from the dropdown and choose “Set Launch Options”
      -In the command-window add following line: LC_ALL=C %command%
    • If you are using OSX and the game does not run properly, or does not start at all, please do the following:
      - Disable the Steam-Overlay by doing the following:
      - In your Steam Library, right-click on Dungeons 2, press “properties” from the dropdown and deselect “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”
    • If you could not solve the problem on your own with the workarounds/ solutions already provided, please attach the Dungeons 2 logs as well to your support inquiry. Those can be found here:
      - Win-PC: "%appdata%\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 2\logging"
      - Mac: "~/.config/Kalypso Media/Dungeons 2/logging"
      - Linux: home/.config/Kalypso Media/Dungeons 2/logging (CTRL+H makes it visible due to it being a .config-file format)

    Please be aware that we are only supporting Ubuntu 14.04 and/or higher, if fully released by the official distribution. All other Linux-versions, such as e.g. Mint and the many other versions available and constantly growing, we simply cannot (fully) support.
    • When it comes to problems with the game, such as crashes or not being able to start the game at all, the graphic card and/or driver might be the reason.
      Easiest would be reinstalling driver/s for your respective graphic card using the “Additional Drivers” menu. This will run through the whole setup automatically. Therefore the risk forgetting a step is none instead of installing drivers manually.
    • Sometimes the steam-overlay might cause crashes/errors, but can be easily be fixed by using this command:
      find ~/.steam/root/ \( -name "*" -o -name "*" -o -name "*" \) -print –delete

    Additional help
    Feel free to join our community, join discussions, leave feedback or just have a look, if somebody has had the problem you have run into already and might already help you.
    Find our official boards here:

    Or head over to our official Steam Community Hubs for several of our games.
    To name the most recent:
    Grand Ages: Medieval:
    Dungeons 2:
    Tropico 5: