Tropico 6 PC Moves to 29th March 2019 Release

English version
El Presidente’s latest adventure pushed back
for extra fine-tuning

More details:


Deutsche Version
El Presidente will das beste Tropico, er bekommt das beste Tropico!
Tropico 6 wird noch viel schöner und kommt im März![/b]

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Patrician IV completely kills all audio on Windows?

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    Patrician IV completely kills all audio on Windows?

    Sorry if I am in the wrong place, couldn't find any forum for Patrician.
    I just bought Patrician 4 and I am having an odd audio issue when I start playing. when the game is on my audio completely stop working, and I am not talking about just in-game I mean system wide. I tried running the game with music running in the background and it killed it too. once I shut it down the music returned.

    OS: Windows 8.1 64bit. CPU: Core i3 4000M GPU: Intel 4600HD 12GB RAM All the drivers are up to date.