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Error while attempting to start Tropico 6 Beta (GlobalShaderCache-PCD3d_SM4.bin missing)

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    Error while attempting to start Tropico 6 Beta (GlobalShaderCache-PCD3d_SM4.bin missing)

    I can install and verify game files via Steam without an issue. The problem occurs when I click 'Play', Steam thinks for a minute and even shows the small initial splash screen off the Tropican president but then gives me an error. (screen shot attached)

    Something along the lines of "Error message is something along the lines of missing GlobalShaderCache-PCD3d_SM4.bin and that my app is built to load cooked content, no cooked content found..." I looked it up and interestingly enough found some people having this issue with PUBG and there are some backward ways to fix it like emulating another version of directx but none seem relevant to me imo, not sure though.

    I'm on a clean installation of Windows 10 with DirectX 12 installed and more than happy to give some more info if anyone from the beta team is available


    Hi troubleintropico,
    could you please share your system specs in the first place (OS+bit, CPU, GPU and RAM) in order to get this properly sorted?