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Tropico 6 Crashing on Startup - Temporary Fix (29 Feb - Leap Year)

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    Tropico 6 Crashing on Startup - Temporary Fix (29 Feb - Leap Year)

    After spending a few hours trying to fix this including rolling back the system to an earlier image of the drive, I found that Tropico 6 is crashing due to the fact that it's a leap year and today is 29 February (well in Australia at least!).

    Hopefully these instructions for a temporary work around are clear!

    Anyone waking up will probably find the game will crash when they try to boot it. Simple fix is to change the system date to either 28 Feb or 1 Mar 2020 (or any other date). Crashes due 29 days in Feb (leap year).

    Credit to Jacob75 for helping me figure the reason out! Not sure who helped him

    Happy dictatoring!
    Last edited by Azair; 02-29-2020, 08:23 AM.

    Hi Azair,
    this has been already sorted by itslef starting on 1st of March and will not happen again.
    Thank you for reaching out.
    Keep it up!