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Buged Multiplayer

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    Buged Multiplayer

    Hello first of all,

    From the day on where I bought this game I had only troubles with this multiplayer. Stuff not loading in, Wares not being exported etc, but most of it got "fixed" by the latest update.
    But there are still so many bugs that still haven't been fixed... I just lost a game because of a vote where I had close to 60% of votes for me.
    The Palace loading also is still horrible in Multiplayer
    Also the people running around on the same spot, Cars not moving, Infinite spawning cargo ships that don't actually do anything, months without a actual cargo ship coming and actually takes wares....

    Thats just the stuff I remember from the top of my head and I can bet If I played a round now with my friend, I'd add atleast 5 more things to this list.

    I tried reinstalling the game multiple times, tried these silly FAQ guides on how to get rid of these Issues and nothing worked.

    Does anybody know a way to get rid of these bugs? maybe in the config files or something? Or do I really have to wait for another DLC to be released to have the gamebreaking bugs removed?

    Hi CardForCard,
    could you share some more details on that please?
    Additionally, have you also played the singleplayer and get a grip onto the game?
    As sometimes, it makes it easier playing the tutorial first, as some mechanics just need some further explanation, we have at hand with our tutorials.
    Yet, if those are seemingly bugs, can you share more details in terms of helping us getting those reproduced on our end quickly and getting this sorted properly.
    If you have savegames at hand, easily showcasing your mentioned bugs, send those over to our technical support as well: