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Fellow Tropicans!
El Presidente is thrilled to have received a nomination for his Tropico 6 as 'Best Strategy Game' at 'The Game Awards 2019'.
El Prez’ patented ‘guaranteed winning’ strategy is a bit invalid outside of Tropico, so we need your help to wrangle the vote for our lovable leader:

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Patrician / Port Royale / Rise of Venice, and Omerta...

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    Patrician / Port Royale / Rise of Venice, and Omerta...

    Hi, its been a long time since we've seen anything about the above games. Does Gaming Minds / Kalypso have any plans on releasing new versions of these games?

    Seems all the focus these days is on either Tropico or completely new titles. I do love Tropico, and nothing wrong with bringing out new titles but it's starting to look like you no longer care about these games.

    Patrician / Port Royale / Rise of Venice:
    One reason I ask is I'm just in the middle of a game of Patrician IV now, and intending to have another game of Port Royale once I'm done, and probably Rise of Venice after that. I feel these 3 games are seriously underrated by gamers and it seems by Kalypso too, but I don't really understand why. I think they are some of the best trading games ever made, played every version and loved them all. As good as they are, I also still see plenty of things that could be done to expand and enhance these titles that could easily make for a worthwhile new version and attract new players to all 3 of these series.

    Some ideas just off the top of my head (I'll probably come back to add more):
    - It would be cool to have some Tropico controls - Inside towns I'd love to be able to zoom in, pan around, and get a really good view of the town and events, perhaps even an opportunity to interact more with people and events in town. Tired of looking at rooftops, one of the real joys of playing this kind of game is that you get free time when you're just waiting for things to happen and its nice to just look around.
    - More specific to Patrician, but I wish we could get more involved in inland trading. I know the main focus of the game is ship trading but I think there is a lot of potential to further explore land based trading. For this I'd really like to see the inland towns and create trade routes the same as I do for sea trade.
    - More abilities to build and customize towns once I'm in charge, and better tools so i can get really involved in town design/layout (This should all be optional, the towns should still grow without me having to manually do it all, perhaps once I'm in charge you can give me a check box to decide if I want manual control)
    - Obviously the World map cant get any bigger, but it would be nice to see the town maps be expanded, again to help grow them bigger but also to have some variety in the terrain like include some hills I can build around or even on. I'm wishing I could create a town that looks like the one in the Port Royale 2 intro movie with a town rising up in to the surrounding hillside.
    - One simple thing can be just having a greater variety in town buildings so they don't all look the same. The graphics are nice, and I know there are some differences, but it would be nice to see more.
    - One of the things I loved about the East India Company/Commander games was how they handled ship combat, it would be nice to see a more fleshed out combat experience where I can get right up onboard my ships and take direct control over what happens. Perhaps you could keep the existing style of combat used in PR and Patrician but have that as a simple mode, and allow players to switch to an advanced mode where I get the East India Company style. Probably best if we can choose that in the Options or during game setup so you always get the mode you prefer, don't want to mess about having to choose each time you enter combat.
    - Hard to explain but.... So I'm a trader in PR or Patrician and I sit around looking over my trade fleets and checking all the numbers, but I find myself asking what else would someone in my position be doing when I'm not counting my money. I guess what I wouldn't mind seeing is having me represented in town ala El Pres. A character I can direct around town to participate in town life and events, things that affect my rep and ability to trade. Even events that mean traveling from my home town off to other locations to check out business/events in other parts of my trading empire, would also be kind of risky if the fleet I'm onboard with gets attacked by pirates or a rival. But having me represented could also mean my character has skills that affect gameplay.

    All I can really say is I'm astounded there hasn't been a new version of this game. It had so much potential its a real shame it seems to have ended on the first attempt.

    To be honest apart from Tropico 6, and Project Highrise all your other recent titles seem kind of boring. I do like rail/train type games but Railway Empire didn't get me interested at all.

    Oh and I just need to say it again, and again.... why not a Sandbox GTA style game set in the Caribbean, like a 3D Sandbox Tortuga. Maybe crowd fund it.
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    Hi Engioc,
    thank you for your passion and dedication. Be assured we are reading and taking all feedback serious.
    I cannot make any promises, but we are far from done with games and there are a lot of games being released/published in the future by us. Some are already in the works, some in planning, some might get planned/developed sooner than later.
    Simply stay tuned and keep being hyped, I am sure, there will be something for you coming sooner than you expect.

    Once again, thank you for your passion for our games. Please keep it up!