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Disciples 4?

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    Disciples 4?

    Dear Kalypso Media!
    I’m the author of the following petition:
    Release of the continuation of game "Disciples"

    I am writing to you on behalf of the fan community of Disciples and on behalf of those who signed the petition.

    We ask you to consider the issue of continuing this series of games. In spite of the fact that the latest game of the series (Disciples III: Reincarnation) was released more than 5 years ago, and that since the release of the most popular game of the series (Disciples II: Rise of the Elves) it has now been more than 12 years, even now there is a great number of fans of the game: there are lots of fansites, livestreams on YouTube and Twitch, examples of fan art, cosplays, fans’ game modifications and new game maps. We all are waiting for news about our favourite game series.

    There are several ways of revival of Disciples’ franchise that I may suggest:

    1. The release of a direct continuation of the series (Disciples IV) in the genre of Turn-Based Strategy. It should be noted that it would be better to preserve the same game mechanics like in Disciples II.

    2. HD Remaster/Remake of one of the previous games of the series (for example: Disciples II: Rise of the Elves) may serve as an alternative to a direct continuation.

    3. Continuation of the games series in some genre different from Turn-Based Strategy. Unfortunately, Turn-Based Strategy has lost its former popularity among gamers. However, Disciples fans would be glad to return to their favourite game universe Nevendaar even presented in a different genre. There exist many variants, from RPG/Action-RPG to MMORPG, MOBA or Collectible Card Game. Game universe is a flexible body and it welcomes these genres.

    In conclusion, I wish to mention that a great number of fans (including me) are ready to support the development of a direct continuation of the game through crowdfunding.

    And we would be grateful to know anything about your company’s plans concerning the future of the game.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Peter Prokopev

    Hello DeadHippy,
    thank you for your passion and dedication as well as your time, reaching out to us.
    Nonetheless, there is nothing I can tell or promise.
    Currently our development studios are busy working on already released titles or upcoming titles, such as Tropico 6 (release in March 2019), Railway Empire (two more European-themed DLCs were announced and are set to be released this year), Dungeons 3 (one more DLC to be released this year and has been teased last week), Sudden Strike 4 (next DLC Pacific War is set to be released this year).
    Therefore, there is not much resources left in order to develop an old/new game.

    If there are any changes/plans/news/updates to this topic, keep in touch with our official channels, even though I cannot make any promises on that.




      I would very much like to see the continuation of Disciples 3, especially if you add the race of the gnomes and make more branches of development all classes. Fans of the Disciples still await the release of the game.


        Hi, Dear Kalypso Media!
        I am very waiting for the new part of the Disciples.
        Success Recipe for the new game:

        New Disciples (4) = Disciples 2 + New Modern Graphics. And that's all)

        Example: Heroes of might and magic 5 = Heroes of might and magic 3 + New Modern Graphics + New Ideas

        Good luck, Kalypso Media!


          Thanks DeadHippy for bringing this up, I'm a huge fan as well. And thanks Unerde for taking the time to respond. I'm a developer as well (20+ years now in the industry) and appreciate when the developers have time to listen to the community, even if it's a 'no' for the time being.

          Here's hoping we'll get a true Disciples II / HOMM III successor!


            Hi, Dear Kalypso Media,

            Both I and my brother are very fans of the disciples II. And we are waiting for the true successor of the game too.

            We regret the move of the Disciples 3 througt the style, the universe ... (of units, of factions, of environment game, of map strategy)
            Nevertheless, we think an important increase in this last game is the combat strategy. Because it is more complex in terms of property and skills of units, the moving of add also complexity in combat strategy. But we regret also that the units who take two points of leadership were reduced to one strategic space in the last game when they took two strategic spaces in the second, espacially for the undead dragons. They are less impressive than they could be (like in the second game).

            When we talk about map strategy, we regret the free movements of our leaders' groups, and rods and leaders who put these rods for ressources.

            In conclusion, we hope the next disciples will keep the map strategy and the style of the second game and be inspired by the last for the combat strategy.

            To give a majority of fans satisfaction, I suggest you doing a survey and send it in the petition (for example) to recieve a maximum of opinions.

            And we would really appreciate if the game could be translated in french. Because we are french.

            Good luck, Kalypso Media!


            P.S. : I have a medium level in english.


              Hi SKRIFT,
              keeping that in mind, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Nonetheless, it should be said once again, that there is no Disciples-game in the works, or planning.



                I understand that there is no current Disciples-game in the works but at least

                Kalypso could provide a fix to the Toolkit unlock situation in Disciples III Reincarnation on Steam.

                A lot of people wanted to mod the game but they can't because they don't have the serial key.

                A good support will attract both old and new players and that's a good start if in the future there will be a plan on the game.

                Build a good reputation to the community.


                  Good day. Wanted to send this through the "contact us" form first, but it doesn't seem to work for me for some reason. I am an amateur Unity3D game developer and a big fan of Disciples 2 game, and a couple of weeks ago I started, just for fun, unpacking some resources from the game and building a reverse-engineered version of Disciples 2 game mechanics in Unity, using original assets. Now I'm aware that releasing such a thing to the web would be an infringement of your copyrights, so I want to stress that I HAVE NOT uploaded or shared it anywhere, it only exists on my computer. I don't want any trouble whatsoever, and if you say so, I will immediately stop working on the game and delete it completely. So basically I wanted to ask, would you be mind me keeping working on this Unity game (using assets from Disciples 2, such as sprites and sound files) and eventually releasing it as a free fan project? The idea would be basically to build a free Unity fan remake of Disciples 2, but highly customizable and without some hardcoded flaws of the original. Again, if you do mind, I will stop immediately, I'm really afraid of lawsuits and cease-and-desists and other such things. Thank you.


                    Hello dear Calypso media. What about the followers? What are your plans for the series? Now is the time to reanimate the series. Is there any work being done? If not, what does it take? Thanks...


                      Dear developers, please, give some information about the game, probably you have plans. Could you tell something? I am Disciples 3 rebirth fan, it's my favorite game, I don't like Disciples 2. I like design, Gothic atmosphere, turn based battles, fantasy creatures. Of course, there are not so many fans all around the world, but if you will create a really great game (I know, you can) people will buy it, I'll buy it. Thank you.
                      Best regards.
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