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Vikings Wolves of Midgard Switch Port

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    Vikings Wolves of Midgard Switch Port

    Hi to all,

    I have recently been playing Viking Wolves of Midgard and am seriously loving the game!
    The story is well narrated, the art style is brilliant
    The combat is great fun, the environment gage is also a great element to contend with.

    I have a couple of questions firstly
    Are you planning a Nintendo Switch port? As I feel they game would really do well on the switch!
    Second question : Are you planning on any expansions for this, or DLC of any sorts.

    New Story content, there is a wealth of Norse Mythology to delve into.
    Possibly new armor styles?
    New Skills?

    Kind regards


    Hi Rosslehoff,
    thank you for your passion and dedication for the game.
    Yet, please be aware that there will not be a port to Nintendo Switch and we are not planning any addiitonal contents for the game.



      Hi Unerde,

      Thanks for your quick response,
      That's a real shame but I understand you have lots of other projects in hand.
      Is the game getting update patches or is it all done now.

      If so, are you looking to possibly sell the IP for the Game?

      Kind regards

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