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Please provide options to add difficulty to Tropico 6

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    Please provide options to add difficulty to Tropico 6

    Hello! I really liked your Tropico 3 game, but found that game to be a bit too easy and so would hope there would be some options for the players to tweak, if they want more difficulty in their game in Tropico 6. The following kind of things could perhaps be used to adjust the difficulty of the game:

    1. Allow players to disable foreign aid.
    2. Add some sort of (international) debt system to the game and allow players to adjust, if they for example would wanna start a game/mission with nothing but debt money.
    3. In general, if higher difficulty gamplay is chosen make things more expensive and less money generating.

    Really hope that you would address this difficulty issue for Tropico 6 as that together with not very big changes between versions have kept me from coming back to Tropico since Tropico 3.

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    Just noticed this on the FAQ:

    "Three difficulty levels for the missions
    will offer Tropico veterans a challenge, and also allow new players to have an easier start to the game. In sandbox mode, players will have many options with which to change the game as they please. They can determine their starting era, change the starting money, define win conditions and much more."

    So hurray for there finally being at least some difficulty settings in Tropico:


      So even though there are those difficulty options now it seems that the economic game is still rather easy even on hard on campaing mode, as you get lots of starting money.

      Could you please finally address this issue and give players the options to feel like they are actually running a true banana republic economy instead of a nation that has a lot of cash always at hand, if they so choose? As this lack of economic challenge has been an issue with Tropico games now for who knows how long.
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