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Conquer the Caribbean: Port Royale 4 Announced

Watch the Announcement Trailer on YouTube

Kalypso Media has announced Port Royale 4 (Kalypso Shop | Steam), an all-new entry in its much-loved seafaring trading sim series, financially supported by ‘Film und Medienstiftung NRW’ and developed by Gaming Minds Studios (Railway Empire, Patrician) for release in Q4 2020 on Windows PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
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Online and Operational: Spacebase Startopia Revealed

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New space station management sim announced at gamescom 2019
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Pyro Studios Remasters Emerge at gamescom 2019

Kalypso Media has today released the first full trailers for Commandos 2 - HD Remaster and Praetorians - HD Remaster. Developed by Yippee Entertainment and Torus Games respectively, these two classic strategy titles will arrive on modern platforms in 2019 with enhanced controls and updated graphics.
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Closed Beta available now for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Pre-purchase customers get first chance to go hands-on with thrilling new strategy game
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Tropico 6 Update Cinco “El Gigante” has been released - incorporating community feedback

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    Tropico 6 Update Cinco “El Gigante” has been released - incorporating community feedback

    Fellow Tropicans!
    The update we are releasing today for Tropico 6 features many bug fixes, improvements and much more. We’re addressing a lot of issues raised by community feedback – so much so, that we have received that we gave it the name “El Gigante"

    Over 300 changes were made to the game, covering balancing adjustments and many bug and crash fixes.

    We hope you enjoy the update. Thank you for your continued support.

    Vote El Presidente! Viva Tropico!

    • Tourist accommodations will now generate profits in a similar way like residential buildings. This will overall increase profits generated from having tourists on Tropico.
    • Meteor Shower disaster: Reduced the negative effect when chosing the option to deny refugees.
    • Reduced efficiency from the “Pollination Parcel” upgrade of Hydroponic Plantations.
    • Made the Ancient Ruins cheaper and buffed all work modes to make it a more efficient and desirable building.
    • Reduced the upkeep of TV Stations.
    • Adjusted the income generated by media buildings set to special work modes.
    • “Lose Load Limit” work mode in the Teamster’s Office can now lose up to 10% of the cargo.
    • Made balancing changes to the work modes of the Childhood Museum:
      • Reduced the impact on faction standing and superpower relations.
      • Reduced impact on the efficiency of other buildings.
      • Increased impact on the efficiency of High Schools and Colleges.
    • Raised the adult age threshold for Tropicans in World Wars to 18 years.
    • Pollution now reduces the beauty of an area slightly less.
    • Increased radius of the Teleferic Upgrade “Audio Tour Guide”.
    • If residential buildings are located in areas with high pollution levels, Tropicans resting there will now get a penalty to their healthcare happiness.
    • Expelling a superpower from an Embassy will not have an effect on the superpower standing.
    • Inviting/Expelling a superpower now has a cooldown.

    Player Feedback
    • Electric Substations will now display their effect radius.
    • Added a missing effect radius for Hydroponic Plantations with the “Pollination Parcel” upgrade.
    • The Fun Quality overlay shows correct values for tourist accommodations now.
    • The vicinity radius for an Embassy will now be shown to the player, when clicking on the building. This should make demands easier that ask players to construct a specific building near an Embassy.
    • The Palace, Aircraft Carrier, Guard Tower and Watch Tower now display a value for their military strength.
    • Looped raids now properly appear in the raid queue.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the average happiness of Tropicans not getting updated correctly after loading a savegame. This caused differences in the Approval/Support ratings after loading a savegame.
    • Fixed a demand by the Conservatives that required players to research “Contraception Ban” and level up “Good old Days”.
    • Fixed a bug that lead to Offshore Offices still producing a profit even if the superpower had been expelled.
    • The pirate outfit for El Presidente will get unlocked correctly now.
    • The “Multi Culture” work mode of plantations now also gets correctly applied to pre-built plantations.
    • “Advanced Boat Services” now also correctly influences the speed of freighters.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused quests to appear twice.
    • Fixed protests disappearing too quickly.
    • Residential buildings now properly show the budget modifier for housing quality on the efficiency tab.
    • The “Light Bulb Ban” Edict now correctly displays its activation cost.
    • Fixed the housing quality of Conventillos getting reset after loading a savegame.
    • Upgrading Guard Towers now counts towards quests progress for a Militarists demand asking to have a certain number of Watch Towers.
    • Fixed Tropicans and Tourists getting stuck at an Airport with a Metro upgrade.
    • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck at a Metro.
    • Tropicans will no longer wait at a Bus Stop if the Bus Garage was destroyed.
    • Soil degradation will now correctly affect the efficiency of Ranches.
    • Soil degradation will now correctly reduce the efficiency of Plantations over time.
    • The “Way of the Red Pill” work mode of the Asylum works correctly now.
    • The crime safety bonus for religious buildings gained by the “Theocracy” constitution option now works correctly.
    • Fixed pathfinding issues that were caused by the Teleferic Station.
    • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck after loading a savegame.
    • Fixed empty shacks popping up.
    • Freighters will no longer arrive at Docks without workers.
    • Almanac: Home slots are now counted correctly as the number of available households and not only as available buildings.
    • Almanac: Fixed Tropicans that have a home being listed as “homeless”.
    • Almanac: Fixed prisoners being listed as “homeless”.
    • Almanac: Tourist Rating modifiers are now displayed correctly.
    • Oil deposits on the sea will now only be shown on the overlay from Cold War onwards.
    • Fixed the “Fracking Posts” upgrade from Oil Wells.
    • Fixed construction worker walking on water.
    • Workers of Coconuts Harvesters and Logging Camps will not continue to work and waste resources if the building’s outstock is full.
    • Fixed the collision boxes for the Airport and the Factory Ranch.
    • Fixed the constitution option “Energy Efficiency” not applying the correct decrease in energy consumption.
    • The propaganda effects of multiple media buildings of the same type will no longer accumulate.
    • Fixed issues with the Waste Treatment Plant and the Garbage Dump.
    • Fixed building not getting highlighted correctly when they are inside of another building’s vicinity radius.
    • Fixed the constitution option “State Controlled Media” not working correctly.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the game to not apply the correct fullscreen resolution.
    • Fixed visual artefacts on the ocean that could appear when loading a savegame from a drought or an active Nuclear Testing edict.
    • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck after a bridge was demolished.
    • Fixed issues with the achievement “Knight to Little Duck”.
    • Fixed an issue in Battle Royal mission that caused newsfeed messages of destroyed building to be displayed repeatedly.
    • Military units will no longer be shown as “idle” during warfare.
    • The budget of military buildings will now correctly affect the military strength of units.
    • Fixed a potential progress blocker in the Bureaucrazy mission that prevented the “Electrify All” quest to get completed.
    • Fixed a potential progress blocker in the Speakeasy mission that prevented Prisoners getting counted towards quest progress.
    • Right-clicking on a completed task will no longer cause players to miss out on a reward.
    • Repairing a World Wonder will no longer spawn the radio message.
    • Fixed the “Urban Development” edict not expiring after loading a savegame.
    • Fixed several visual issues for military units.
    • Fixed several animation issues.
    • Fixed several crashing issues.

    • Added new variations for Parks and Squares.
    • Added a new decoration object: Space Memorial.
    • Added 4 new traits for El Presidente.
    • Made improvements to the gamepad controls.
    • The game now pauses gameplay and audio playback when minimized (except during multiplayer matches).
    • Improved RMG landscape generation.

    Known issues:
    • General gameplay
      • The Army Base building has a flawed collision box that can cause problems with adjacent road construction.
      • Scaffolding of construction sites can remain at buildings after construction was completed.
      • It is currently not possible to create a Teleferic line if players start construction on elevated terrain and try to place the second stop on lower terrain.
    • Multiplayer
      • After loading a multiplayer savegame, the game can fail to display plantation fields.
        • Please be aware that this is only a visual bug and does not impact the functionality of the buildings.
      • Loading a multiplayer savegame will not correctly restore the camera position of clients.
      • Road pavement types do not always change correctly for clients
      • Demands spawned by the “Audience” edict do not automatically pop up for clients. Please open your task tracker to see these demands.
      • Freighter arrival times can sometimes be displayed as 0 days for clients. Please be aware that this is only a visual bug and does not impact the functionality of the freighters.
      • After loading a savegame, the buildings for clients can sometimes take a bit of time to get fully restored.
      • Players should not attempt to continue a save game with fewer people than there were when the save game was originally created. For example, do not continue a three-player game with two players.
      • Random crashes can rarely occur during multiplayer