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Annoying Bugs

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    Annoying Bugs

    There are some bugs that I have noticed in the game. The tourism and entertainment buildings seems to be inconsistent. Tourism buildings do not fill up (at least in the tourism campaign mission) even with a high tourism rating along with multiple ports and airports. Some entertainment buildings likewise are eventually ignored by the Tropican citizens such as the arcade or lower tiered or early entertainment buildings for the certain buildings such as the stadium which is much more preferred.

    While I am unsure as of now if tourism is always an issue, I do realize that some of the entertainment buildings are regularly ignored. Another bug that i am unsure as to its consistency (which I've included in one of the photos) is the 3v3 Park/Fountain being bugged where it shows a piece of unrelated scaffolding after being built. Parks don't even have a construction process by builders.

    The rest of the images I included contain bugs that are present throughout every other part of the game. For one, the ancient ruins tourism/entertainment building for whatever reason has never been functional since it always shows that it requires a road connection. This doesn't make sense for this type of building as it should not require a road. Also, it never registers a connection even when clearly touching a road, and sometimes the entrance to the pre-place ruins is facing a mountain which makes it so no road can go there in the first place.

    The final bug that I can remember of and included an image of is the Raid Menus. Although not game-breaking, it is annoying that the Raid menu selections bug up and don't show smoothly on the queue list and even disappear on the list requiring me to close and reopen the menu.

    Another minor bug is when installing the first couple of updates on the Steam I would have to delete my update/download cache to get Tropico 6 to finish downloading and installing the update. This is the only Steam game I experienced that has froze in its update process.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through these issues and the images included.

    I am running Tropico 6 on Steam/PC with the latest auto-updates.
    Operating System: Windows 10 (latest firmware)

    Ive noticed this too, but I stopped reporting these small bugs... There are also lots of oversights, like when they say "improve the efficiency by 1", which I think they mean either 10% or 100%, or when it says "increase efficiency by 0.1", which is obviously meant to be 10%.About this one, I think there are too many work modes, around half of them are irrelevant, and just add annoying things to the game.

    About tourism, the most important thing is to know how it works, which the game doesnt explain. This is, if you have 10 tourists spots, how many attraction spots do they need? 10? 50?


      Hi everybody,
      additionally check, which kind of tourists you are trying to attract and what your Tropico has to offer to please their needs. E.g. well-off and rich+ tourists will not be pleased by a hotel/beach houses for them, without proper entertainment. E.g. a taverna will not please their needs and wants and therefore will stay off your island.