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Plantation/Ranch Area of Effect

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    Plantation/Ranch Area of Effect


    So I played around with plantations and ranches today and tried to find a nice setup for efficiency.

    Turns out all my planing is wasted as all effects are global on the map and do not only act on plantations in the AoE (blue circle).
    Maybe I dont understand this right, but every setting that is advertized with "other plantations in the vicinity" acts literally everywhere. At this point I wouldn't be suprised if the effects transfer over to a new game.

    I build a single plantation literally on the opposite side of a huge map and had it benefit from the efficiency boost of the "multi culture" setting from my other plantations.
    It also gets the 10% from "manure fertilizer" from my one cattle ranch on the other side of the map. The game calls it "Influence +10%" too, cute

    Further all my ranches cost nothing everywhere even on full budget. I only had to activate "Green waste chopper" in 22 plantations all over the map. Easy.
    Also the ranch setting "humane exploit" does not seem to reduce nearby fertility, or do anyting at all. So there is no point in using "pasture prohibition" as it only reduces efficiency with no upsides.

    This a bug or a feature? I know El Presidente and Penultimo like the easy-going life, but this is a bit much, no?