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    No Blueprints Left

    Fulfilling all the Revolutionary tasks in Colonial Era can reward the player with the blueprints. You can get all of them pretty soon.
    The problem is: when you fulfill even more tasks, Revolutionaries still give you the option to choose a blueprint as a reward. It feels really bad to click it only to see that you have all the blueprints already and, well, get absolutely nothing.

    Some possible solutions:
    1) Change the task completion screen so that "Get a random Blueprint" button is greyed out. Not very satisfying, but not punishing player for a success either. It is probably the easiest solution.
    2) Let the player unlock the blueprints for the next era (but, again, only when all current blueprints are unlocked). I'd enjoy it, even though some people could see it as a bummer too ("You can have it, but you can't use it"). I like it, because you can't use it yet: if the mission allows to move to the next era, you are good to go. If it doesn't (like in some missions)... well, then this solution doesn't help.
    3) Replace lack of new blueprints with Educated Immigrants. You still rewarded with the same theme: knowledge and opportunities.

    I hope it helps. Good luck!