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An Improvement for UI in Overlays

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    An Improvement for UI in Overlays

    Hello Kalypso, I hope you're having a great day.

    After playing Tropico 6 for some time (5-10 hours) I still have trouble finding the right button on Overlays mode.
    I'm not a UI specialist, so my suggestions might be incorrect. Please take no grudge at my request, by no means I want to nitpick the game. I believe it can become even better with no damage to game integrity or other players' fun.

    Please look at the pictures.
    1st image: I've done my best to explain what bothers me.
    2nd and 3rd are examples of how it could be fixed.

    It's impossible to satisfy every player's desire, but I hope the developers will like the idea to improve Overlays. Thank you!
    Last edited by PeterB; 04-13-2019, 01:25 PM.

    And please, make the Overlay remember what value I selected the last time.

    For now I open Overlay, select Fun Coverage value, then close Overlay and place a Tavern. Then I look to another island in search for a place to build a Theater... But Overlay always welcomes me with default Pollution screen.