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Requests for Edicts

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    Requests for Edicts

    Penultimo, come here. I have in mind a few edicts.

    1 - I want the ability to adjust a building's required wealth. I'm El Presidente, they're my buildings, and if I want broke people to live in apartments, that's my call. Make it so.
    2 - I want to hook up the old people so they're no longer "broke". Some other guy had an edict called "Social Security." Get me a copy.

    Social Security. Yes please!

    And if you want to go crazy, let El Presidente choose the level of it. In Tropico 5 I was dreaming about a pension that makes my senior citizens well-off, not poor. I ended up with a manual "A Bribe For Every Granny" policy, but I don't have the whole day to give payola.