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Citizen Support Bug (savefile)

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    Citizen Support Bug (savefile)


    Having an issue with citizen support when loading games. When loading a save game my citizen support is somewhere in the teens, however, when the save was made support was 40-60%.

    At first thought perhaps I recalled wrong. But after repeatedly seeing this started putting in support % in savefile names and confirmed it occurs consistently.

    Citizen cap is above 1k (I recall that was the limit during beta).

    Hi Jaromir,
    there was no pop cap in the beta similar to the full release now. At least not capped at 1000, as the default/minimum cap is 2,000, but can be increased in the game options to up to 10,000.
    Nonetheless, this is only recommended for high-end machines.
    Additonally, please be aware that in last week's update we aimed at savegame stability and therefore savegames from before might be recalculated after being loaded after the update and therefore might have new recalculated values. Therefore make a new save, or at least overwrite this save. This should not happen like significantly after doing so and further on.