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The dreaded airport bug, along with metro's and parking garages

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    The dreaded airport bug, along with metro's and parking garages

    Firstly, thank you for an already amazing game - Many an hour has been lost to the wonders of Tropico and all of its hidden wonders. Whilst I fully understand this is a brand new release and you have to collate the many small irritable bugs that are found, the following bugs are starting to make the game unplayable in the later stages (El Presidente needs to expand!):

    Tourist Airport : I immediately upgrade to include a metro station so that the tourists "should" be able to jump on the metro and pop out right beside the magnificent hotels I have made for them. But there are none.... lifetime totals stay at zero and the rich and filthy rich hotels (skyscrapers) remain like a ghost town.

    Parking Garage : Limit of releasing my little people out of the garage is set at 10 a month? If there are 100 tropicans parked in there, it takes a year to get out. I know congestion charges are bad, but keeping families apart for that length of time is just cruel and ends up making my economy collapse due to Barry and his mates all sitting in the garage playing poker whilst the fields are untended.

    Any chance I could have an update on when these 2 major bugs would be placed on your roadmap?

    Many thanks indeed

    Hi Marcondy.
    the first is already known and we are working on it for the next updates. nonteheless, as workaround simply do not upgrade the metros near airports.

    More parking decks will get this sorted easily.