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2 bugs in Tropico 6 and 1 in the forums

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    2 bugs in Tropico 6 and 1 in the forums

    In the game:

    1. If you build a building with its access to the road blocked by a bus stop, and then move the bus stop, it doesn't restore the road access to the building.
    2. When given a dual request from two factions they sometimes ask you to the same thing. If you select the right one as the faction to complete the task for, when you actually complete it, it gives the reward for the left one. Probably shouldn't allow them to ask for the same thing in the first place.

    In the foums:

    If you don't have a user name set in your profile in the store and try and sign in to the forum, you get an error message in German when the rest of the screen is in English.

    Hi RBBoT,
    thank you for the reporting of those three bugs.
    The forum one might be a tricky one, as it might be caused by the homepage.

    Regarding the 1.: Could you get around this by removing the street and building it anew? what about saveing and reloading this specific savegame?
    2.: Hard to reproduce, as this shouldn't be common, as you have implied yourself already. If you have a savegame with this case, could you forward it for further investigation of this problem?



      Here's a photo concerning the Dual Demands. This is the first one I've ever gotten and they want the same thing...