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Tutorial Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay (Broker section not working)

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    Tutorial Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay (Broker section not working)


    I have been playing the tutorial and everything was fine until I reached Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay. The first part of that chapter works fine (I build the Watchtowers, take care of the rebels, institutionalize a rebel, etc) but then I reach the point in which Penultimo says he wants to introduce me to the Broker and I get stuck and cannot progress. The objective reads that I need to wait for the Broker to make me an offer. I have waited for more than 20min with the game at 4x speed and nothing happens. If I open the Broker tab myself there are no options available and I cannot click on anything. I believe this to be a bug. If it is not and I am just not doing something that I should be doing please let me know.

    Thank you.


    hi GruntGG,
    best would be a screenshot of all Broker tabs if possible and the problem still occuring.



      Hi, this is still a bug in my version of the game. Two security points are built either side of garage on a road, and two towers built in neighbourhood. Task then freezes (game still works fine) and no rebels are shown, so when I click on the ' guerillas are staging an uprising', it jumps to the car park area, but doesn't show any rebels, and the tutorial cannot be continued. All broker tasks are blocked out and cannot be selected. Thanks


        Hi chriscrowe,
        have you tried starting the tutorial anew?