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Tutorial Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay (Broker section not working)

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    Tutorial Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay (Broker section not working)


    I have been playing the tutorial and everything was fine until I reached Chapter V: Advanced Gameplay. The first part of that chapter works fine (I build the Watchtowers, take care of the rebels, institutionalize a rebel, etc) but then I reach the point in which Penultimo says he wants to introduce me to the Broker and I get stuck and cannot progress. The objective reads that I need to wait for the Broker to make me an offer. I have waited for more than 20min with the game at 4x speed and nothing happens. If I open the Broker tab myself there are no options available and I cannot click on anything. I believe this to be a bug. If it is not and I am just not doing something that I should be doing please let me know.

    Thank you.


    hi GruntGG,
    best would be a screenshot of all Broker tabs if possible and the problem still occuring.