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    Modding tools

    Does anyone know when the modding tools are going to be released? Map editor and Model editor to name a few?

    I have seen several posts where Kalypso has said they never promised to make an editor for Tropico 6. But, they do plan looking into doing it later.


      Hi VCampaert.
      By now you may well have seen (and hopefully read) the second open letter to the Tropico community written by Kalypso Media’s owner and Managing Director, Simon Hellwig. If you haven’t, you can check it out in full here:

      With the release of Tropico 6, and all the planning for additional improvements to the game post-release, we have already announced an in-game map editor to be released after launch. Following this, we will then continue evaluating all possibilities for further modding options beyond the in-game map editor, and will be back with news as soon as we possibly can.

      Thank you for your ongoing support.