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Tropico 6 - Final beta update released!

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    Tropico 6 - Final beta update released!

    Fellow Tropicans!

    Today’s update contains some bug-/ and crash-fixes as well as some additional polish to recently implemented features.
    This will be the final update to the beta before we release Tropico 6 on March 29th.

    We are very excited to enjoy the final release with you, can’t wait to read your thoughts on new features like Modern Times, the fully unlocked campaign, and added sandbox maps.

    A big “thank you!” goes out from everyone at Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment to all of you for participating in the beta.
    Your feedback was very helpful and your support as a community really means a lot to us.

    For all Tropico 6 Beta-players:
    Please restart any current missions and sandbox games after updating the beta.
    Please do not attempt to load and continue games from saves that were created in older versions of the beta.
    This could lead to unexpected issues regarding the simulation of Tropicans and the overall stability of the game.

    Please find all details and the full changelog in the dedicated and exclusive Tropico 6 Beta Community Hub: