Railway Empire - France DLC to hit the rail 24th May

Your travel dates for Railway Empire’s next destination ‘France’ have been confirmed:
The train will depart from platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 24th, with a free update launching on the same day.
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Tropico 6 on mac

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    Tropico 6 on mac


    I'm a french player (so please excuse my mistakes) and I'm playing on mac. I played to all of Tropico games and I remember that the release of Tropico 5 on mac was something like one or two years after the release on pc. So my question is : Would Tropico 6 be released on mac at the same time that on pc, is saying in march 29 ? Or will we wait ? I meticulously read the article Tropico 6 Beta FAQ, but nothing was written about that.
    Thanks for the answer

    Hello kevolord,
    currently it is planned to be released the same day.
    If there might be any changes, we will update you accordingly across our official channels.