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Tropico 6 beta March update released!

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    Tropico 6 beta March update released!

    Fellow Tropicans!
    Today’s update comes with a new feature: the random map generator.
    We also further improved the game based on player feedback, added gameplay options to the multiplayer and added multiple bug and gameplay fixes.

    The full and more detailed Changelog can be found here:

    Please restart any current missions and sandbox games after updating the beta.
    Please do not attempt to load and continue games from saves that were created in older versions of the beta.
    This could lead to unexpected issues regarding the simulation of Tropicans and the overall stability of the game.

    Thanks for all your feedback and reports so far - we hope you enjoy playing the beta!

    Viva Tropico! Viva El Presidente!

    The Tropico 6 Beta Development Roadmap has been updated accordingly:

    Thanks for the update. Recently, yesterday to be exact, I can't tilt the window horizontally using the middle mouse button, I send the report, but hoping that this comment would be faster for you notice. I tried with other game, my mouse works perfectly fine. And I played the first part of the Tropico 6 once again, All 4 except the third one is not ticked.

    Hopefully this one will be fixed right away,


      Will it be possible to play against your friend`s island in multiplayer in pre-set (player controllable) challanges and on random maps with random challenges?
      Last edited by MikkoM; 03-21-2019, 03:49 PM.


        Hi MikkoM,
        we might have a look into this one, but this is not planned so far.
        As be aware, when it comes to random parameters, the (random) generation of maps will differ significantly compared to singelplayer, most importantly in order to guarantee fairness and equal starting points for all players.