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Private sector!

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    Private sector!

    What does everyone think?

    - Higher building maintenance than the same public/state-owned building.

    - Higher income due to higher production value. Also higher job satisfaction, comfort level, etc.

    - Workers earn more than public workers in the same building type but pay higher taxes. They also gain experience faster & tend to further their education.

    - You can set a fixed tax level for private income (and adjust accordingly on a yearly basis)

    - Multiple owners/shareholders: A single private building/company can have up to say, 10 shareholders/owners. Ownership % for each would depend on their wealth level.

    - Private buildings that have a "supply/production chain"(eg: forestry>Lumber-mill>Furniture Factory) will have a default tendency to buy or build other buildings in their supply chain, this is basically an industry. (You can choose to ban this practice)

    - You cannot hire/fire, appoint any managers or adjust wage/salary levels. You also cannot purchase any upgrades/operating mode for these buildings. Upgrades and operating modes will automatic.

    - You can offer a buyout to private companies to turn them public/state-own them. The cost will be higher than the buildings current value. You can also auction/sell public buildings to private owners and set the selling price. The building continues to operate regardless of ownership.

    -Abolishing these buildings when they have current owners/workers will upset them and drive down your approval rating from them and their factions, etc.

    - You receive nothing but taxes in income from these buildings. The wealthier and longer-running a building is, the more likely you are to receive donations when it's campaign year.

    Some regulation/control would be necessary.
    - You can choose who is allowed to buy and/or build private buildings (eg: only foreign governments and wealthy foreigners. Only wealthy locals, anyone who can afford, etc).

    -You can choose if requests to build private buildings need your approval or if the individuals/governments can build on their own. You can also set zones whereby automatic private buildings are allowed to be built. Connecting roads, etc will be paid to you by the owners. Or you can accept private building requests but have to construct them manually (all construction costs paid by the owners)

    - Private building requests owned by foreign countries must be manually built by you (construction costs paid by them)

    - You can ban specific buildings/industries from becoming privatized, (eg: banks, media, education, military etc)

    - "Government" buildings like the Palace, ministries, immigration offices, import/export buildings etc cannot be privatized.

    Let's keep it simple but fun!
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