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Question about tropico 6

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    Question about tropico 6

    In tropico 6, will the players have a choice for an AI to build the city itself if the player doesn't want to build it and they want to do the political part of the game (though they can help or edit what the AI does) VS. the player wanting to actually build the buildings and play the political part (which is what I think the game is about)? If there is no optional choice for the AI to build the city for the player, do you think you can add that to the game? It would make the game more interesting.

    Automation huh?

    The policy-making/deciding side of the game isn't too much in depth for this yet.

    There would be very little you could do and get bored rather quickly.

    In it's current state, it would spoil the game IMHO. Perhaps something for the devs to think about long-term though, I'd like to see more options and control in policy making and editing.
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      Yes, balancing the game a notch towards politics would be nice. It would also be nice, for the player to be able to choose that balance, when starting a sandbox game.