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E3 2019: Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Announced

New turn-based strategy IP with card game and empire management coming to PC and consoles
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The Biggest World War II Strategy Bundle of the Year

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection available now exclusively on the Kalypso Shop
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    15 Suggestions

    Unerde as I guess you're in charge here
    1.In colonial times hire draft animals instead of people carrying wagons (as a research or farm upgrade - horse or lama will be ok).
    2.Disable automatic upgrades of buildings in new eras like port, teamsters office and construction offices, country roads - create some prerequisites to update them manually (to change their look) and award it with small bonuses (faster cars, work quality...)
    3.add button to cycle through all "Did you know"
    4.Manually determine if bridge should be wooden, with pillars or the rusty, industrious one looking
    5.Show how much time has passed in colonial times
    6.Real life colonies wanted independence because they had to pay a lot to their overlords, in Tropico you get subsidies so there should be more cons of being dependent on the crown
    7.In order to build on swamps player would have to dry them first
    8.The same with forests - send wood choppers to clear the area for the buildings (because disappearing trees seem infantile)
    9.Same with stones as it's to easy when they disappear unlikelly in real life
    10.Make banks to behave more like a factory (maybe as an upgrade) so banks will be able to process gold into coins/gold bars
    11.Allow to save designed palace so you can choose one of premade instead of creating new/having the same every new game.
    12.Bring back cristo redentor landmark (in dlc?).
    13.Add some bascule bridges working like london bridge maybe
    14.Insert somewhere (prez speeches or did you know) the quote: "El presidente said that long time ago Tropico was on the edge of abyss, but but since then we made a huge leap forward." (I was too late for twitter contest so..., this remade quote comes from polish prime minister after ww2 and the original was like: "In 1945 Poland was on the edge of abyss, but but since then we made a huge leap forward." It's funny and may be fitting but that's up to you.)
    15. Add option to buy/produce ships/planes so they don't appear from nowhere, it also can be good to choose from different options (small plane, medium, huge; turistic, military and so on) and upgrading your fleet in new era would be cool or if you don't want you may still have steamer ships in modern times
    These suggestions may be easy to add and would have nice impact on the game.