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A new era

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    A new era

    I don't know where else to post this, sorry for any bad english.

    I really enjoy this game and find it funny especially since I am from a country next to the Caribbean, but I always thought it was kind of odd how abrupt the change is between the first two eras. Historically most countries around here became independent in the 19th century, so there was a window between the colonialism and the start of the first world war. In this time many european nations began their arm race that precisely influenced the Great War. This period was the Imperialism, and I think this could be the perfect era to introduce to the game. It could have Great Britain, France, Germany or Austria-Hungary as the super powers. Also in this time the industrial revolution was on it's peak so the tecnologies and changes between eras could center around it. Like Tropico trying to industrialize instead of relying on producing goods of the primary sector just like many real countries tried to do. I am not saying that this especific era should be included but a new one I think would be really interesting, maybe for the next game.