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Economic Bugs

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    Economic Bugs

    There seems to be quite a few bugs with the economy, for example I have a trade route with the Crown to supply 300 leather, it's now been running for 24 MONTHS and accruing yet I have a tannery with 1400 leather in storage and the route will not complete. it should have completed in the first trip and there is no way to force this, like a "send leather to trade" command.

    It seems all routes and income either lock up or take months and months to start. This seems to happen a lot with the pirate's cove. Raids take years to even start and then up to decades to end. Months will count down but then sit on "ending very soon" for months or years eating up time. not to mention the 2 or 3 year problems you've added in to and already time intensive system "wait 720 days!" wait two years for a raid!

    Then there are calculation errors. The first route I set up was import pineapples at 0% and export them at 5%, this should be a profit, yet every month I'm being charged the $1600 for the export. the cost is now listed as 22,000 DOLLARS when it SHOULD say ZERO. There is obviously a bug that does not recognize 0% deviation as no cost and simply providing the item.

    It makes things very hard to progress economically.

    I play on console PS4, but believe this is a game mechanic issue overall
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    Can confirm bugs with trade routes, some never starts. Hope this will be fixed soon.
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      I am also having issues with the trade routes. The task does not disappear after I've completed many routes with the crown.