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Forts do NOTHING if set to “man the ramparts”

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    Forts do NOTHING if set to “man the ramparts”

    (USING XBOX ONE, last update was yesterday)

    Like the title says why do the forts do nothing when setting them to man the ramparts?
    I have placed over 8 FULLY staffed, FULLY upgraded, and max budget Forts surrounding my place. All set to “man the ramparts” and then I provoked a rebel uprising to see what would happen...
    Well, when they attacked my palace they didn’t fire one shot in defense - even though the forts were so close they were touching my palace...

    Needless to say I lost very quickly as they destroyed my palace with zero resistance. All 8 Palace guards were wandering off somewhere on the map instead of protecting the Palace, but they had no chance against 100+ rebels anyways. I just wanted to test the Forts out.

    So what exactly does a Fort do when set to man the ramparts? Rebels never attack forts (in the 5-8 hours of gameplay where I had HUNDREDS of rebels) so it makes no sense.

    I thought Forts set to “man the ramparts” would be like a watchtower just MUCH stronger. But it does nothing. Glitch? Bug?

    I have been playing as a military dictator and am almost losing track of all the things that don’t seem to work.

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    Another game I had Forts set to “man the ramparts” and then upgraded them fully, and the Rebels rushed from the Docks and half of them targeted a Fort that was close to the Docks. That fort defended itself like it was supposed to. Although other Forts did not engage even when nearby.

    I’m guessing the Fort must have a targeting Icon above it (meaning Rebels choose to attack it) in order for the Fort to know it’s supposed to return fire.

    So basically the Forts will only fire back if the Rebels directly target them, which they rarely do. As the Rebels will Target the Palace during an uprising majority of the time - which will cause the Forts to just sit there.

    Honesty though it’s really not an issue since the Rebels are PATHETICALLY WEAK in Uprisings. I have had over 50 uprisings (got that “super rare” 0.5% or whatever achievement unlocked lol) and they seem to have a LIMIT on the number of Rebels??? Why?? I’ve had games with over 800 Rebels (my population was around 1000) so nearly the entirely population but they still only attack with a few Squads max. In previous Tropicos during an uprising ALL the Rebels (or a good portion of then) would gather and attack at once. So if you had hundreds of Rebels - then hundreds would attack....
    But not in Tropico 6. It doesn’t matter if you have 800+ Rebels as only 4-6 (or so) squads of Rebels will spawn max during an uprising......
    I was TRYING to make people Rebels (as I wanted a large uprising) but nope, this game doesn’t allow it. How lame. Hoping that gets fixed as that’s a much worse issue then the Forts.