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Tropico 6 Xbox One Game Preview version 190904

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    Tropico 6 Xbox One Game Preview version 190904

    Fellow Tropicans,
    a new update for Tropico 6 Xbox One Game Preview is available now!
    Please find more details below:

    New Feature
    • Multiplayer game mode is enabled.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed several crashes (Main focus of this update).
    • Childhood museum work mode “Raised by Llamas” did not affect factory ranches.
    • Fixed several glitches in the customization menu.
    • When selecting the trait “Savant” the raid points will now immediately be granted.
    • Fixed an exploit related to communist minister of education.
    • You cannot get the same space program special event twice anymore.
    • Fixed an issue, where corrupt font will be shown after launching the game.
    • Removed unsolvable tutorial quest, which asked for weapons.
    • Several loca fixes.

    What about missing buildings in modern era. I've no pharmaceutical company or car company, or jewelry factory, wind turbines, loads of buildings missing


      Hi Swan,
      please try a new game and check if those are still missing. As the game has been fully released last Friday, everything should be available now, latest when simply starting a new game.