Tropico 6 PC Moves to 29th March 2019 Release

English version
El Presidente’s latest adventure pushed back
for extra fine-tuning

More details:


Deutsche Version
El Presidente will das beste Tropico, er bekommt das beste Tropico!
Tropico 6 wird noch viel schöner und kommt im März![/b]

Mehr Details:
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Tropico 6 Beta Important Notice!

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    Tropico 6 Beta Important Notice!

    Thank you for voting El Presidente!
    As we really appreciate your passion and dedication for El Presidente and especially the Tropico 6 Beta, we also wanted to keep and collect all feedback, discussions and bugreports in our dedicated Tropico 6 Beta Steam Community Hub to be found here:

    This Community Hub directly on Steam is dedicated and exclusive for all Tropico 6 Beta players.
    So please be aware that we will have a close look into these hubs during the course of the Beta in order to get all your great feedback from the Tropico 6 Beta.

    Latest news and updates to the Tropico 6 Beta will be exclusively shared in more detail in this hub.

    What are you waiting for, fellow Tropican?