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Crash upon second guerrilla attack -help!

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    Crash upon second guerrilla attack -help!

    Hello, so earlier in my game on the Chochico scenario I had a guerrilla attack which took very long to resolve, although everyone was eliminated earlier.

    Years later a second guerrilla attack begins and the game crashes every time I re-load.

    I guess the game should resolve guerrilla attack-related conflicts before beginning a new one so as to avoid a crash or something like that?

    Very disappointed that I can't continue my game.
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    I noticed what is likely the problem. The palace was broken and it was not repairing like it said. there seems to be bug in its repair process. I was able to make it start repairing from the first building screen though...


      Yup that was it Devs will want to look into this bug for future updates.


        Originally posted by giorov View Post
        Yup that was it Devs will want to look into this bug for future updates.
        Yes, thank you for reporting and we will have a look into this.