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[TECH] Sudden Strike 4 (1.14) Bugreport Thread

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    [TECH] Sudden Strike 4 (1.14) Bugreport Thread

    While we of course hope that none of you encounter any bugs at all, we are aware that a game will never be 100% bug-free.
    We have just released version 1.14 of the game.
    You will find all details on that here:
    Coming Soon!

    Please feel free to post any bugs in this thread and we will have a look at all of them.

    Before posting any bug and/or problem, please have a look in this thread and make sure all of the requirements and workaround have been applied:

    Please be aware that this thread is purely about bugreporting! Unrelated posts might be deleted!
    If you want to discuss features and/or problems you might have encountered with other players, please open a new thread in the community hub. Thank you for understanding.

    If all the solutions could not help, and the bug has not been reported in here as well
    (to avoid reposting bugs that might have already been posted.)
    feel free to use this thread to report in-game bugs:

    If it comes to savegame problems, crashes and such, please send our support your savegames that our devs can have a look into those.

    -> Here you can find your savegames for Sudden Strike 4 (even when Cloudsaving is enabled!):
    You can get to this folder by doing the following:
    Type “%appdata%” without “” in your Windows search bar (no matter which OS you are using.
    You will be forwarded to the folder “Roaming”. Just get back in the “appdata”-folder
    Please select the Folder “locallow”
    There you select “Kite Games”
    Now “Sudden Strike 4”
    And simply select the whole “saves”-folder. Best would be archiving it, with e.g. WinRar

    In order to help the devs, it would also be awesome when adding your logfiles in your support-ticket.
    Your Sudden Strike 4 logs can be found here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sudden Strike 4\SuddenStrike4_Data\output_log.txt
    Just attach them in addition to help us getting your reports sorted properly and more quickly.