All that glitters is not gold…or is it?

Dungeons 3 in-game event offers enticing bonus rewards and…a glimpse at the future?
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Update 1.13 for Sudden Strike 4 has been released!

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    Update 1.13 for Sudden Strike 4 has been released!

    New Multiplayer Doctrine
    Mark W. Clark - Armored Doctrine
    The veteran of WWI, US military leader Mark Wayne Clark commanded the American Fifth Army and 15th Army Group during the Allied invasion of Italy. He lead the attack that captured Rome during the campaign and earned the rank of General by the war’s end. Clark was an expert in infantry tactics and warfare.
    Utilizing unique Allied tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this commander opens new tactical opportunities to defeat your opponents.
    Destroy your enemies with the new A39 Tortoise tank destroyer and obliterate any oposition with the A43 Black Prince heavy tank.

    New Multiplayer Map
    • Battle for the control of a plateau in the new multiplayer map „Plateau”.
    New Vehicles
    • A39 Tortoise - Tank Destroyer
      A43 Black Prince - Heavy Tank
    • Also you can now utilize medical trucks to assist your infantry forces in multiplayer or skirmish matches.