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Xbox - Selecting single unit

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    Xbox - Selecting single unit


    im really enjoying Sudden Strike 4 on Xbox, just bought the new DLC.. great job on desert warfare.

    one thing I can’t figure out for the life of me.. I’ve searched gamefaqs , Reddit and elsewhere.

    on Xbox , if I have a group of infantry in a vehicle or building, how can I just select one unit to exit. It seems silly that I have to unload them all , grab the one I want and then load the rest back up on the building/vehicle.

    it really hampers multiplayer as well. When i just want to use a sniper or officer to scout ahead,

    My last post went unanswered,, hopefully someone here can help on this one.



    I'm not sure that is possible, unfortunately. If you look at the PS4 manual (which is the only fully-detailed one I can find for SS4 at it states:

    "How to get units in/out of vehicles and buildings Infantry can enter almost all buildings and vehicles in Sudden Strike 4. To enter a vehicle or building, select the infantry units and press the O (command) button on the vehicle or building you want those units to enter. Alternatively, you can also use the circle menu to issue the same command. To have your units exit a building into a specific direction (e.g. to avoid incoming fire from one side of the building), select the building, choose the Exit all to a location command in the circle menu, and then press the X button on the location your units should go to after exiting the building. You can also choose to unload your passengers or unload all (including the crew from your vehicle) by using the the accompanying commands in the circle menu."

    I would love to be able to manually select troops and tanks to group into a unit, but I think the console controller limits that versus a mouse for the PC where you can click and select...