KALYPSO HIGHLIGHTS 11/06/2018 - 17/06/2018

Hello everyone,
it’s time for this week’s Kalypso Update! In this series, we’re bringing you an overview of everything that’s been going on at Kalypso Media over the last month, including all the latest news and updates about our current and upcoming games.

Sudden Strike 4
The next big DLC for Sudden Strike 4, Finland - Winter Storm, was released on June 14th. The new DLC features two new mini-campaigns with six new singleplayer missions based on the events of the Russian advances on Finland during and after the Winter War, up until the Vyborg Offensive in 1944.

Check out the Steam Store page here:

Alongside the new DLC, we've also released a new free update. Update 1.09 adds gameplay improvements, two new multiplayer maps based in Finnland and much more to the game.

Check out the full Changelog here:

Shadows: Awakening
The first episode of the Shadows: Awakening featurette series was released on Friday. This brand new video preview offers a sneak peek at the unique party system that makes every playthrough so thrilling and unique, as well as a more detailed look at the game world, combat and the cast of characters you’ll meet on your journey through the darkness.

Check out the video here:

Railway Empire
Thank you for all your positive feedback on the Mexico DLC of Railway Empire! We are thrilled that the DLC is being so well received by our enginemen and -women!

For those who missed the train: Last week we released the first DLC, Mexico, for Railway Empire. The new content is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and brings you a new scenario (Viva Mexico! – 1873-1893), the Mexico map (playable in Free Game and Sandbox modes), additional goods, 24 new cities and two new locomotives.

Check out the Steam store page here:

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Railway Empire now supports NVIDIA Ansel! The powerful in-game camera gives owners of NVIDIA graphics cards loads of options, such as 360-degree, super resolution, filters and many more to take professional-grade photographs of your game.

Check out the news and pictures:

Show us your best moments from Railway Empire!
Or upload your screenshots directly to NVIDIA:

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German version

Hallo allerseits!
Es ist Zeit für das Kalypso-Update mit den Highlights der Woche!

Sudden Strike 4
Das nächste große DLC für Sudden Strike 4, Finland - Winter Storm, wurde am 14. Juni veröffentlicht.
Das DLC enthält zwei neue Kampagnen mit sechs neuen Einzelspieler-Missionen von den russischen Vormärschen in Finnland während des Winterkrieges bis hin zur Vyborg Offensive 1944.
Zur Steam-Shop-Seite:

Darüber hinaus wurde das kostenlose Update 1.09 veröffentlicht.
Neben vielen Gameplay-Verbesserungen fügt das neue Update mit Tali und Citadel zwei neue Mehrspieler-Karten aus dem Finnland - Winter Storm DLC, für alle Spieler in das Hauptspiel hinzu.
Zum kompletten Changelog:

Shadows: Awakening
Die erste Episode der Featurette-Serie zu Shadows: Awakening wurde am Freitag veröffentlicht.
In dem exklusiven Preview finden Spieler heraus, wie sich das innovative Action-RPG von der Konkurrenz abhebt: Darunter erste Einblicke über das einzigartige Gruppensystem, das spielbare Ensemble, welches Spieler auf ihrer Reise begegnen werden und die am Rande der Vernichtung stehende Spielwelt an sich.
Zum Video:

Railway Empire
Vielen Dank für all euer positives Feedback zum Mexico-DLC von Railway Empire!
Wir freuen uns, dass das DLC bei unseren Tycoons so gut ankommt.

Für alle, die den Zug verpasst haben: Letzte Woche haben wir das erste DLC, namens Mexico, für Railway Empire veröffentlicht. Die neuen Inhalte sind für PC, PS4 und Xbox One erhältlich und bringen neben der Kartenerweiterung ‚Mexiko‘ (Freies Spiel & Modellbau-Modus), das Szenario ‚Viva Mexico!‘ (1873-1893), zusätzliche Waren, über 24 neue Städte sowie zwei neue Lokomotiven.
Zur Steam-Shop-Seite:

Darüber hinaus sind wir stolz verkünden zu können, dass Railway Empire nun NVIDIA Ansel unterstützt.
Mit NIVIDIA Ansel können Nutzer von NVIDIA Grafikkarten ihre Gaming-Momente in professionaller Qualität festhalten und teilen.
Die leistungsstarke In-Game-Kamera bietet verschiedene Optionen, darunter 360-Grad-Aufnahmen, Super Resolution, diverse Filter und vieles mehr.
Zur News mit Beispiel-Bildern:

Zeigt uns eure schönsten Momente aus Railway Empire!
Oder ladet eure Screenshots direkt bei NVIDIA hoch:
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Update 1.4 has been released! Adding Enhanced AI, Crossings and Legacy-Branch

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    Update 1.4 has been released! Adding Enhanced AI, Crossings and Legacy-Branch

    New addition
    Legacy branch
    Ever since the launch of the original beta, we’ve been working hard to bring a stack of improvements and additions to Railway Empire, such as enhanced AI, crossings, balancing, a random map generator, the full Transcontinental map, 100-year tech tree, and much more. And there’s still more to come, and we promise to deliver even more content and improvements in the future.

    However, all these changes are also affecting the core of the game: the code. According to recent reports, some of these changes may have an effect on save games. For example, we recently had reports about an issue with random maps. For that reason, to protect your saved games and previous content (in case of incompatibility with current and future updates), we are introducing a new build called the Legacy branch, which will allow you to boot up an older version of the game to ensure that whatever we add to the main game, you can still access your old saved games.

    How to enter the Legacy branch
    1. Go to your Steam library
    2. Right-click Railway Empire
    3. Select Properties
    4. Select the "Betas" section
    5. Select "Legacy" from the drop-down menu
    6. Steam should automatically start the download

    To opt out from the Legacy branch, just repeat the steps above and select "NONE" in step 5.
    AI opponents are now able to use the complex track system.
    The AI can now make use of signals and multi-tracks, when the player selects the realistic track-building mode in the game settings.
    In realistic mode, the AI usually builds two parallel tracks – one for each direction. They will also make use of signals and crossings.
    Players can select the track-system for the AI in the game settings. So there are now three modes that you can now choose from:
    • “Realistic” - Both the player and the AI use the realistic track-building system.
    • “Normal” - Both the player and the AI use the simple track-building system, where trains can pass through each other.
    • “Normal AI” - The player uses realistic track-building, but the AI uses the normal (ie. Simple) track-building system.

    Players and AI can build crossings.
    Players and AI can now make use of a multitude of crossings, for example the frequently-requested X-crossings, among many others.

    • Fixed several issues related to random maps, by changing the way that random maps are created in the first place.
      • Disclaimer: Because of this change, and the other improvements that have been made in favor of the enhanced AI and crossings, there is a chance that old save games before update 1.4 may be corrupted and in rare cases, might even be broken. If you want to continue playing your version 1.3 random map save games, you can do so on the newly introduced Legacy branch.
    • Added an "Undo" button to the "Set up rail line" options.
    • Added "Track utilization" to the "Edit station" screen.
    • Based on community feedback, new rails will now snap into a parallel position at the end of existing tracks.