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[TECH] Bugreport Thread Railway Empire version 1.8 [all platforms]

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    [TECH] Bugreport Thread Railway Empire version 1.8 [all platforms]

    While we of course hope that none of you encounters any bugs at all, we are aware that a software product will never be 100% bug-free.

    Please feel free to post any bugs in this thread and we will have a look at them.
    Nevertheless, be aware that we might not reply to every comment, but this does not mean, we do not follow this thread!

    Please use this thread purely to report in-game bugs.
    (Ensure your game is up-to-date and running the latest version before reporting and please use the search function to avoid reposting bugs that might have already been posted.)

    In case of graphics display issues or crashes, please include a DxDiag, summary and describe reproduction steps, if possible.

    We will look at every reported issue to ensure a quick solution provided, if necessary.

    To create the DxDiag.txt, please do the following:
    Click "Start" button and choose "Run". Or alternatively, press (Windows-Button)+R.
    Then type "dxdiag" (without quotation marks) and click Ok.
    You will find all relevant information in the following window.
    Click the "Save all Information" button, located at the bottom of the program window.
    Save the file as "dxdiag.txt".
    Attach the file "dxdiag.txt" with your reply.

    If you have a savegame, with which you and we can easily reproduce a bug, please send it to us
    Either to

    Savegames can be found in following path:
    By default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Your UserID]\503940\remote\savegames"

    Please be aware that this thread is purely about bugreporting!
    Unrelated posts might be deleted!
    If you want to discuss features and/or problems you might have encountered with other players, please open a new thread in the community hub.
    Thank you for understanding.

    Hello. New update 1.11 on PS4 does not allow to rotate buildings on L1 or R1 buttons , when u choose normal (non-Realistic) game railway mode.


      Hi Stalych,
      have you also tried this in a new game? If not, please do so and update this thread, if the problem is only with old games (saved games) or is just the case in a specific game mode, or is happening anywhere in the game.



        Yes, I tried it in both new (German) and any old (saved) sceneries... Buildings rotation doesn’t work only in normal game difficulty mode. It’s steel work in realistic difficultly only. I want to play with normal difficult, please, fix it . And I am not alone user with this problem on PS4 with new update.


          If this is the case, please reach out to our technical support:

          Provide them with all details you have and to get this properly sorted.

          Thank you in advance.





            I've been playing Railway Empire for some time now...and just started running into an issue yesterday (5/20). I can't place more than one signal down in any new scenario, sandbox, etc.

            I *think* there was an update yesterday, and I clicked through the notification without paying attention.

            I'm running PC beta version 1.9.0-24243 NA

            Repro steps:
            1. Place first station down
            2. Place second station down
            3. Connect the two stations with a track for each direction
            4. Place a one way signal at one end of the tracks near the original station
            * works correctly, I see the track black/white lines move in the right direction along the rails
            5. Attempt to place another one way signal on the other track near the other station
            * no one way signal is placed down, and the original one way signal is turned into a regular signal (yellow only, does not have the 'do not enter' red sign)
            6. If I click again for a one way signal, I don't get a new one way signal but the other track reverts back to a one way signal and the white/blank lines move again

            I can't place any other signals on either track.

            Any idea what's going on?

            In order to save my progress in the campaign and scenario settings, is there a way to back up those settings? I know where the save files are, so I can back those up.

            Thank you for your time.


     looks like my post #6 above is due to the Beta version. I reverted back to the non-Beta in Steam, and there were no issues with the signals. I re-opted into the Beta, and the problem is still there. I don't want to go back to the non-Beta if I can help it...the switching stations and warehouses are just too valuable!



                Hi RogaDanar,
                correct, this ais a bug we are aware of and actually already fixing. This one has made its way into public beta yesterday.
                As it is public beta this is no problem at all, as you have said, simply opting-out let's you just play the game properly again.