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somewhat complex feature request - route to same named station

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    somewhat complex feature request - route to same named station

    Goal:To be able to delete a station, then place a station in the same location as what was just deleted, and not have to go hunting all over the map for every train that now has an invalid route.

    If we delete a station, then re-place a new station in the same location, that station has the same Station Name, but trains that had that station no longer show that station in their route list.

    Suggestion: When a station is deleted, don't remove the station from the route list of each train, instead add an extra field to the data structure used to represent the route/station to show its invalid.

    On the display route routine that shows what stations are involved in a route, just make that stop red in color, and bypass it for the arrow draw logic that draws movement between stations.

    Part 2 of the suggestion is that if a new station is placed and it's name matches the old station, update the routes, remove the invalid flag from the data structure, and if you use some kind of ID rather than the string, then update that ID with the ID of the newly placed station.

    this should effectively let a player delete and then re-create a station, and once the tracks are connected, it would work just as the old one did, with all trains continuing to work just like they did before.