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Happy Easter Holidays fellow Tropicans!

As he prefers hunting for crocodile eggs more than chocolate ones (which melt rather quickly in the Tropican sun), El Presidente is taking a small break for the Easter Holidays.
Therefore, the Tropican Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation and the rest of the palace staff will only be able to provide limited support during the Easter Holidays.
But fear not - El Prez and the team will be back for duty on 22nd April!

Happy Easter Holidays everybody!

Viva Tropico! Viva El Presidente!

Yours sincerely, El Presidente and Tropican Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation!
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All that glitters is not gold…or is it?

Dungeons 3 in-game event offers enticing bonus rewards and…a glimpse at the future?
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Playstation 4 Game Breaking Bug!

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    Playstation 4 Game Breaking Bug!

    My trains are having trouble collecting certain resources...

    When playing the fourth campaign, which is the civil war scenario, one of the requirements is collecting iron and I think copper to make the guns. I set up stations from the mines to a warehouse but the trains going to the warehouse won't collect the resources even though they are stored in the warehouse. I have the resources selected when selecting the warehouse and all set to 99. I also had the warehouse built next to the copper within the circle. The other thing is that the trains collecting the resources from the mines don't seem to collect a full load and I'm not sure if thats because the mines gather resources slower compared to the farms. I remember the train would only collect two wagons but I don't remember how much was stored at the mine. So I don't know about that. The point is, my warehouse had more then 10 units and my trains wouldn't collect anything when it was at the warehouse.

    So I can't complete campaign 4. My train just sits in the warehouse and it says its loading. If I change the trains to freight only and prioritise the copper and iron the train will collect other resources instead. So I canceled out all other resources and left the copper and iron prioritised and my train just sat in the warehouse station. If I waited long enough, like a few days to a month in game time, it would gather one or two wagons. If I select minimum and maximum to 8, the train just sits in the station but if I change the minimum to 0 the train just goes to the warehouse, takes nothing, then leaves. Even if I change the minimum to 7 and go down to 1 the train will just sit in the station.

    The same thing happens in free mode. I had seperate stations at the copper and iron mines and tracks to a station. My trains won't collect resources from one mine but take one or two wagons from the other mine. I don't remember which because today I had a new problem.

    Today I'm playing the gold rush scenario. I connected the first 4 stations for the task requirement. I built a warehouse next to a cattle farm and began directing cows to my meat cities. Then I decided to transport meat from one meat city to the beer city. My trains won't collect the meat! I have like 33/33 meat, but they won't collect the meat from the station and transport it to the beer city. The trains will collect mail and passengers but no meat after trying the above methods for campaign 4. Meat can be transported from warehouse to city so that works but now I can't seem to transport meat from my meat city to my beer city.

    I don't have any issues with other resources.

    As of now, this game is unplayable. I can't gather or transport the necessary resources to complete the fourth campaign. I can't transport meat from the meat city to the beer city so I'm blocked from using a valuable and efficient strategy.

    Hi KubaBooba,
    have you checked that the trains are just using this specific route (cooper<->destination) and no other cities/stations in between? That they are not collecting any other resources and therefore not fully loading/unloading their cargo.
    Additionally, setting them to freight trains will also prevent them to pick up personell.

    Still having trouble, when e.g. starting a new game with the above mentioned tips?