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E3 2019: Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Announced

New turn-based strategy IP with card game and empire management coming to PC and consoles
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The Biggest World War II Strategy Bundle of the Year

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection available now exclusively on the Kalypso Shop
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DLC Locomotives in Free Play

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    DLC Locomotives in Free Play

    Is there a way to get the DLC locomotives into free play?
    I bought "Mexico", "Crossing the Andes" and "Great Britian & Ireland" DLC today but cant seem to find the trains in the researxh list or trainyard of my All America map.
    Are they in the Scenarios only?
    Map specific?
    Any and all amswers would be appreciated.

    And if they arent avaliable in free play, maybe we could get a forum going to support any DLC any map freeplay locomotives.