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Some developer feedback on recent DLC

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    Some developer feedback on recent DLC

    Hi Dev's - I'm leaving this here instead of on the steam feedback page, because I hope you see it, but at the same time I don't want my comments to negatively influence sales of your add ons.

    Firstly, I love Railway Empire and I think it's great that you're still working on it.
    I understand that selling add on content is crucial to funding further development of what I can only imagine is a very niche game with a very limited audience.
    As such, I've bought the game and most DLC on both PS4 and on PC (I actually bought a PC just to play this game)

    Ok now on to the DLC feedback...

    I don't understand your lack of gameplay in your DLC - the most recent one was $13 and contained ONE scenario???

    The part I don't understand is, isn't the scenario building the easiest/cheapest part of development?

    It seems like a shame to spend all the time you do building new maps, new engines, new freight types, etc, and then the last little bit is just cranking out say 10 scenarios for the players to make use of what you just spent all that time on, but instead you only do one..

    Feels a bit like writing a term paper for school, but then not giving it a final spell check and proof read - all the real effort has already been spent, but often that last little effort is where the "A" is earned.

    Like the student who fails to do this, I think you're wasting your (sales) potential here.

    It's really hard to get excited about new DLC when there is so little additional gameplay involved.

    As I've stated above, I understand this is a tough business and I'm here to support you financially by buying your expansion packs, but I would love it if you could put some more effort into them so they include more gameplay for those of us who never touch sandbox mode. I think the minimum scenarios included with any DLC should be 10..


    PS - If it makes it easier, I don't think we really need voice actors for the scenarios, they are a nice touch of course, but I'd rather get a DLC with 10 scenarios and no voice acting, instead of 1 with.

    (Please feel free to delete this post once it's been seen by the right people - I won't be offended, just want to get this feedback to the right people.)