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Simple Feature request

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    Simple Feature request

    Hi, I would love a few more keybindings on the PC version.

    Is this possible?

    #1 - Keybinding to complete track purchase.
    Would be great if I could just hit enter/return so I could keep my mouse right where it is, since often after laying track, we need to setup a crossover turnout.

    #2 - make Escape work the same way the [x] does on any screen or dialog that displays an [x] in the top right corner.

    #3 - make Escape exit "ride along" mode.

    #4 - not really a keybinding, but can you duplicate the manual page with keybindings - putting an extra copy on the "options screen' between the 'controls' and 'graphics' tabs? (this is where many people expect to see the specific keys used in the game - and notably for #3 above, when you're in ride along mode, you CAN get to the options screen but you CANNOT get to to the manual!