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Suggestion to a new map and scenario

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    Suggestion to a new map and scenario

    Alaska and northern part of Canada.

    The White Pass & Yukon Railroad (WP&YR) was constructed under the Klondike Gold Rush. It went from Skagway in Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon. Skagway is a harbor town on the Pacific Ocean.

    WP&YR is and isolated narrow-gauge railroad whit no connecting or competing railroads.

    It had to be constructed in rough coastal mountains on the Pacific Coast, with steep grades and tight curves. In the Yukon the terrain is more level.

    During the gold rush the railroad transported miners and their equipment to Whitehorse, where they used river boats to get to the gold fields in Klondike River and Bonanza Creek.

    During WW2 Alaska became strategically important to the United States. They were afraid that Japan would attack. It was therefore established a military camp in MacRea in Yukon. During the war, the Alaska-Canadian Highway, or ALCAN Highway, was also built. This road goes through Whitehorse. Since there were no roads, all this increased traffic had to be handled by the railroad. The US Army took control over WP&YR during the war. The Army scoured the US for usable narrow-gauge locomotives and rolling stock, and soon a strange and colorful assortment began arriving at Skagway.

    After WW2, when most other narrow-gauge systems in North America were closing around this time, the WP&YR started upgrading the track and bridges to handle heavier locomotives and rolling stock. The railroad began dieselizing in the mid to late 1950s, one of the few North American narrow-gauge railroads to do so.

    The railroad has been busy transporting lead and zinc from mines in the Yukon to Skagway until their main customer closed in 1982.

    Why not all of North America in one scenario?


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        They should do that then add a map in free play that spans Northen Canada and Alaska, all of the American map and all of the Mexico map.
        (it would be a bonus map for having those DLC obviously)