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Crashing on PS4

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    Crashing on PS4

    I have a serious problem with Railway Empire constantly crashing on PS4. I have narrowed down the problem to renaming of the warehouses. Ask to rename, instant crash. Any fix out there for this problem?

    Hi macaulayjuan,
    please download the latest Update we have released few minutes ago and have a try again.
    Best would be, if you could check, after the update has been applied, if the problem still occurs and if it occurs, when you have started a new game.




      Railway Empire is still constantly crashing on PS4. It is completely related to trying to re-name a warehouse. Makes it impossible to sort out the new warehouse system with all the warehouses named 'warehouse'.
      Strangely, I started 2 new 'Free Mode' games at the same time, one played through without crashing, the second crashes my PS4 instantly upon renaming a warehouse. Makes the game pretty much unplayable on PS4.
      Update has been installed but it obviously isn't working. I surely can't be the only one this is happening to.