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Railway Empire bug

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    Railway Empire bug

    Hy there! I found a bug in the last campagin map where one of the objective's to send passengers to Promontory Point from San Francisco. The problem is minimal amount of people whant to go there. I completed all other objective's on this map. I have save file if needed.

    Hi Shanclar,
    best would be summing up all details regarding the problem/bug and together with the attached savegame sending to our technical support:
    In order for us having a look into this.

    Thanks in advance.




      When i sent my email to them with the same problem this is what i got for answer:

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Are you reporting a bug or do you have a gameplay question?
      In case of a gameplay-related issue, we kindly advise you to address your questions to the forums since we are only the technical support.
      All users and community managers in the forums will do their best to help you out.


        Hi Shanclar,
        but as you have stated it is a bug, simply explain yourself that this is a bug. As you have stated yourself, it is in your opinion not a gameplay-question. Therefore, get back to them with a clear explanation/summary of the problem/bug and attach a savegame file in addition that we can have a look.