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Few questions about Praetorians - HD Remaster

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    Few questions about Praetorians - HD Remaster


    I have just seen a new HD remaster edition for the videogame Praetorians that will be released at November 2019.
    I have some questions, could you please answer me briefly if you can?

    1. The sequences in the old version of the game were saved and stored in files with extension .sec. In the new edition of the game will be also stored with its data in the same way? I mean, the bytes of the information they contain will be stored in the same positions? The players of the old edition we have implemented with computer programming a reader to extract and display the necessary data properly in a website, and I just want to know if this reader will be valid with the new edition of the game in case the information stored in such sequence files are kept in the same position. So please, can you say me if the sequence files data remains equal or not inside such files?

    2. At the beginning we started playing multiplayer online via GameSpy Arcade application, and later on we moved to GameRanger application, where we are now. So at the end of the year the "rooms" where people play online will be available directly via Steam? Or we will continue with GameRanger application?

    3. Me and two more players are working as administrators of what we called Praetorians Arena, a new platform starting on 01/01/2020 for playing championships with real monetary prizes. As it can be considered an "official" platform of the game and it promotes playing a lot to Praetorians in order to compete and win those real monetary prizes, can we establish a serious relationship where we, the players, make this platform possible and let you increase the popularity of the game? More matches played in Praetorians means more reputation for the company. Today we have Twitch streaming website, with more games played, more viewers in Twitch there will be, as more people will be streaming continously I guess due to Praetorians Arena competitions. So in case you want to establish a serious relationship with this new "official" platform please say me that. Maybe we can "work" for you, I mean receive some money from you for promoting and encouraging to play more games in Praetorians. What do you think about this?

    Néstor Llamas Llopis

    Hi nestorllamas,
    please be aware that we are aiming at Q4 2019, and not November 2019 in detail.
    Reagrding 1, I cannot share any details, as those are simply not available for me. But as we have a whole new engine (Unreal Engine) also some programming, proccess and routines will most likely be handled differnetly.
    2. We are planning using Steam, probably peer-to-peer, but I have no details regarding this so far. Nonetheless, definitely not using any 3rd Party providers for MP-hosting, for sure.
    3. Claiming it "official" is complicated and would not recommend doing so, after properly getting in touch with us and sharing more details on that.
    Therefore, please provide all details, plans, documentations and more directly to me via email that we might get this sorted and handled properly.



      Hello, Unerde,

      OK, thanks for your answers.
      I already sent you some brief information about Praetorians Arena by email. As soon as you can, please answer me. Thank you!

      Néstor Llamas Llopis