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Update v1.03 of Praetorians - HD Remaster has been released!

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    Update v1.03 of Praetorians - HD Remaster has been released!

    Thank you for all your great feedback.
    We’ve been hard at work on Praetorians - HD Remaster’s next update (1.03) and we’re excited to share the details with you below:

    General Fixes
    • Fixed a crash when hovering over multi-troop health bar and the troop dies.
    • Fixed a crash with video options screen not setting a correct index on the initial load of a game.
    • Measures to avoid crashes, if a unit that is not intended to be on a wall, still getting on a wall.
    • Fixed various stability issues.
    • Fixed an issue where troops without a 'wall' formation were able to be loaded into an Assault Tower.
    • Fixed an issue with the difficulty level appearing different to what it had been set.
    • Fixed a flicker on the names during the ‘Skirmish complete’ screen.
    • Fixed an issue with resolution options not saving.
    • Fixed issue with volume settings not being saved.
    • Fixed issue with camera movement when both mouse + controller is attached and a controller is assigned as Player 2, 3 or 4.
    • Fixed an issue with backing out of the settings screen and new settings not saving.

    Multiplayer Fixes
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed camera reset for all connected players when a player leaves multiplayer.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed clients not being notified of other clients disconnecting.
    • [Multiplayer] When the host leaves a game, clients now receive a message that makes them automatically leave the game
    • [Multiplayer] When the host leaves a game, clients are now able to save the sequence.
    • [Multiplayer] When the host leaves a game, the results screen shows that they lost and remaining players are winners.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed multiplayer game not starting if clients disconnect in specific order before game starts.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed the refresh button in the multiplayer lobby so players no longer have to press it twice.

    Sequence-file Fixes
    • [Sequence] Fixed grass and water flickering after restarting a sequence.
    • [Sequence] Fixed additional object leaks when restarting sequences.
    • [Sequence] Fixed issue with the save sequence always displaying ‘Normal’ difficulty
    • [Sequence] Fixed screen transitions when trying to load a corrupt game or sequence save.
    • [Sequence] Fixed sequence replay pause state being saved + loaded

    • Updated engine version to Unreal 4.24.
    • Added backspace functionality allow reversion to previously selected unit.
    • Matchmaking screen now shows servers that are active and full in the list but does not make them joinable.
    • Updated localized strings to fix some text issues.
    • Code now checks whether a game or sequence save succeeded before saving the associated meta data to the primary profile save.
    • Changed error name when trying to join a full game session.

    Praetorians HD Remaster Known Issues (v.1.03)
    All listed bugs in this thread are known, are being worked on and will be fixed with future updates:

    Known Issues:
    • Actions made on the mini-map will move the camera.
    • Highlights around villages occasionally depth fight, causing a flickering effect.
    • There are rare cases, where units can become stuck in the environment.
    • Some minor frame loss may be experienced, when commanding very large numbers of troops.