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Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta FAQ

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    Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta FAQ

    Immortal Realms. Vampire Wars Beta FAQ

    What content will be included in the beta? Will we be able to play the full game?
    The beta will start off with the following content:
    • Exclusive discount on the regular price
    • Access to the very first ‘Campaign mode’ mission under the flag of the ruling vampire clan – the bloodthirsty Dracul.
    • Access to the plagued lands of Mourterra as part of the ‘Sandbox mode’ with the Dracul and Nosfernus as playable factions.
    • Access to 4 challenging and varied maps as part of the ‘Skirmish mode’ with the Dracul and Nosfernus as a playable faction and with full access to the clan’s entire unit roster.
    • The BETA will be available in English and on Windows only initially!
    Additional content upon release:
    • The ‘Fangs & Bones’ DLC
    • Official soundtrack
    More content will be added to the beta in due course.
    Stay tuned for announcements for more details!

    How can I play the beta?
    The immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta is a separate game in your Steam library.
    This means, after purchasing/redeeming your key, you get two items in your Steam library:
    • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (will be available upon release in Fall 2019)
    • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars - Beta (your journey into the grim and mysterious lands of Nemire starts here!)

    Will the beta be extended with additional content until release?
    Yes, we will be adding more content during the course of the beta.
    For more details and updates, we recommend frequently checking out our official channels.

    Will there be constant updates/fixes and/or server maintenance?
    The beta will be frequently updated.
    As we are not having servers that require maintenance, there will not be any downtime.
    We wanted to avoid having a schedule, so that we can be as flexible as possible and adapt to all the feedback and bug reports more effectively.
    Please be aware that your saved games might lose compatibility when updating to a new version.

    How long will the immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta run?
    The beta will be active until the full release of the game.

    If I want to share screenshots or videos, can I do this in the official Community Hub and/or other forums/social media?
    Yes! There is no NDA or anything preventing you from streaming or sharing content from the beta.
    If you want to share screenshots or any other footage, you can easily do this in the sub-forum of the Immortal Realms: Vampire Beta Steam Community Hub:

    In the Community Hub, you can share footage and discuss anything you want about Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars and the beta with other beta participants.
    Additionally, you can also send bug reports by simply pressing the “F1” key while in the game.

    What should I do when I encounter a bug?
    To report a bug in game, simply press the F1 key on your keyboard at any time in the game.
    You can also head to the exclusive Immortal Realms beta forum by pressing F2, where you can talk and discuss with other beta participants.
    You can also get in touch with our official technical support team by emailing

    Can we take our overall progress from the beta over to the full game when it releases?
    No, you will not keep any progress made during the beta.
    Save games will only work inside the beta, and not in the full game.

    Which languages will be supported in the Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta?
    The beta will be only available in English.