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E3 2019: Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Announced

New turn-based strategy IP with card game and empire management coming to PC and consoles
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The Biggest World War II Strategy Bundle of the Year

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection available now exclusively on the Kalypso Shop
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Dungeons 3 free content update 1.5.7 released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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    Dungeons 3 free content update 1.5.7 released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    The updating and console-playing Evil has released a new update for Dungeons 3.

    • A new free multiplayer co-op map ‘Defenders of the True Evil’ has been added.
    • A new powerful spell called ‘Divinely Evil Lightning’ has been added.
      • Only obtainable by completing the Clash of Gods expansion.
    • Added a new free Skirmish map called “A Bug’s Life” has been added.
    • Added a new setting for “Clash of Gods” skirmish maps, which buffs/debuffs random factions during the night and day cycles.
    • Fixed a bug where unavailable researches were made available by the Temple structure.
    • Fixed a bug with the triple Mystificator mana capacity.
    • Fixed the opening and closing sound of Magic Doors.
    • Fixed the behaviour of the Evil Hand on the surface. Now it does a better job by staying off-camera when idling.
    • Fixed the walkability with ‘Outposts’ so that they are preferably attacked from the front.
    • Fixed the pray animation for units in the Temple.
    • Fixed multiplayer lobbies to display the pre-set difficulty to players.
    • Gob-O-Bots can now use their ‘Eject’ skill even when on strike.
    • Fixed the effect timing for the Grave Golem’s “Tombstone” attack.
    • Several bug-and crash fixes.